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I am also an AW console user, and I would like to have summing systems more conveniently incorporated into REAPER as well.

That being said, I would also like to point out something for consideration.
The problem with having a native summing system is, well, there are quite a lot of algorithms. Each version of AW console sounds different, not to mention all those variations such as atmosphere, purest drive, and uLaw ones. Also since Chris is likely going to develop newer versions with more recent algorithms, I would assume it would be better to leave the summing algorithm to the plugins.

Although I'm considering to write a vst plugin that combines all console algorithms into one, so we can setup with different algorithm more easily. But well developing a vst plugin is hard and time I don't think that's going to happen soon.

Mappable channel faders would be very nice, since that would make post-fader fx possible as well. However it's been FRed for years with no related updates at all...

My current workaround is to create separated tracks as the summing bus, hosting nothing but console channel FXs and one console bus FX. Then I put all related tracks under the summing track as children, with each sending to a different stereo channel of the parent track, and of course setting up each console channel to receive different stereo inputs. Although a bit of a hassle, at least I can use the native track faders and pans.

There are two problems with this approach.

One is that it is more difficult to send a track to a reverb bus after it goes through console channel, since individual tracks are dry signals without channel saturations. But personally I don't hear much of a difference anyway...

The second problem is that reaper has maximum of 64 channels per track, so you can only have 32 separated stereo inputs. To work around that limit, we can divide our tracks into sub-busses. For example, all drum tracks into the drum bus, all guitars into the guitar bus, and all vocals to a vocal bus, etc. If that's not enough, divide again, separate acoustic guitars and electric guitars, which both goes into the guitar bus. A bit like analog mixing isn't it?

To make that workflow smoother, I wrote two related scripts.

1. RCJacH_Set Airwindows Console TrackFX Pin Mapping.lua

This script will set the I/O pins of all track fx of a selected track to sequential stereo pairs, except for the last fx, which is assumed to be a console bus plugin, thus making it receiving all stereo pairs based on the number of previous plugins, and outputs only channel 1-2.

2. RCJacH_Set Parent Send Channel Offset to Sequentially Stereos for Selected Tracks.lua

This script will make all selected tracks to set their parent send offset to sequential stereo pairs.

So the workflow is:
First, create a summing track, add whatever console variations you want, with the number of channel fxs equivalent to the number of children tracks, also add a console bus as the last plugin of the track, then run script 1.
After that, place tracks to be summed under this summing track, select them all and run script 2. Voila.

You can add my ReaPack repo to download them:
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