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Download the latest FFMPEG that's compatible with Reaper from here.

Choose a version of FFMPEG that has the version number, not a "nightly" or "latest" build. Choose your OS version. Choose "shared".

Unzip it. Put the DLLs from the extracted Zip archive's "bin" folder (but not the EXEs) into the "Reaper resource folder" specifically in its "userplugins" subfolder. To find your Reaper resource folder, within reaper go to the menu and choose Options -> Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder. Then you'll see the "userplugins" subfolder. Put those DLLs in there. Restart Reaper.

(These DLLs are *not* to be placed in " C:\Program Files\REAPER (x64)\Plugins"!)

It's hard to see the info in your screen shot but it seems you put the files in the wrong directory, or you put incompatible FFMPEG DLLs in the proper directory. Only download FFMPEG files from that site which have a version number in the filename. (If you download nightly/latest builds it may not work.)
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