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Default ReaNoir: Utility to color tracks/items/takes (REAchelangelo MOD)

This script is a modification of the excellent script by Spacemen Tree***.

Kind of a manual / Overview:
- Palette of 24 colors (Color Boxes) + 1 temporary (Temporary - the big color box on top)
- Left-click a Color Box to Color Tracks, Items or Takes and set it as Temporary
- Tracks/Items are recognized automatically according to what was lastly clicked while the Takes mode is set manually by the user
- Right-click a Color Box to save the Temporary color into that box
- Load/save different user palettes (.txt files)
- Left-click Save button to Save current palette or Right-Click to Save As
- Left-click Load button to load a new palette or Right-Click to load the default palette
- Set the Temporary color to the color of the first selected track/item/take according to what was lastly clicked (Get Color button)
- Show Hex name of Temporary color
- Left-click Hex name to enter a Hex color code manually (formats: 123456, #123456, # 123456 & 0x123456)
- Right-click Hex name to paste it to the clipboard for use with SWS Auto Color/Icons
- Palette is automatically saved to last_palette_on_exit.txt as a backup. If you try to load last_palette_on_exit, then you are prompted to save it with a new name.
- Left-click Darker/Brighter buttons to make Temporary Color brighter or darker. Right-click them to make it black/white. Ctrl-click to create shaded/tinted gradient colors
- Script saves user palettes in a directory called ReaNoir in the same path as the script. Preferences are saved to ExtState
- Click LD/SV SWS button to load SWSColor files
- Right-click LD/SV SWS button to save Reanoir palette as .SWSColor file
- Click SWS Colors button to open the SWS Color Management tool
- Ability to dock the script to the left or to the right
- Right-click sliders' area to toggle between RGB and HSL mode
- Information displayed on top of ReaNoir when hovering mouse over buttons/sliders
- Ctrl-click on any color box (including the Temporary color box) to color the selected tracks/items/takes from the existing color to the ctrl-clicked color in grades
- Find in the script "MODE OF OPERATION" to set to Normal (RGB/HSL) or Compact (No Sliders) mode
- When in Compact (No Sliders) Mode, Right-click Get Color Button to set Temporary Color Box's color
- Click Random color button to apply random colors from the current palette according to the selection (no color is repeated until all 24 have been used)
- Creation of Undo points in Reaper's Undo History


Latest version:
* v2.04 (2017-06-20)

+ Ctrl-clicking on Darker/Brighter buttons creates shaded/tinted gradient colors

Download here:
OR Get it via ReaPack! (recommended!!!)

Numerous palettes provided by Gianfini as a single zip here


***As requested by Spacemen Tree, I copy paste this from his original thread:

Originally Posted by Spacemen Tree


It was almost 6 months since I put up my first scripts here.
My Bday is coming up so I thought I'd make my scripts freeware.

Nevertheless, donations made to the non-profit shelters listed below will be greatly appreciated.

I do appreciate those that sent me donations directly via my email but grateful as I am (and I am) I would prefer if you'd donate directly to the shelters.

Thank you for your generosity and all the best.


União Zoófila

Associação CãoViver

Associação Gato de Rua

Associação Guadi


Missão Patas Felizes

Refúgio dos Burros



These animal shelters are always in need of donations for buying food and taking care of vet bills, among other things.
The stray animals situation in Portugal is bad to worst and since these shelters only manage to run on volunteer work, they can only do so much...

So, give a little. You can make a difference, small as your donation may be!

Click on one or more of the links above and find your preferred method for giving. Most sites I linked have Paypal, IBAN, etc. Just look for it.
Also, all of the shelters I linked are on Facebook, if you'd like to drop them a line.
Most of my scripts can be found in ReaPack.
If you find them useful, a donation would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

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