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DJ, Karaoke, Lyric like features Issue Tools
issueid=5638 07-26-2015 10:09 AM
DJ, Karaoke, Lyric like features

I know some will say that this is not a good thing to add to reaper, but I suppose much of it could be done with scripts, if the scripting is done well.

1. Allow arbitrary item types. e.g., pdf, lyric/txt, video links, etc.
2. Allow one to create loop points in an item that act sort of like markers but stay with the item(sort of like stretch markers, but specifically for setting of a loop or indicating something "special" in the item).
3. Allow actions to happen while playing back. This could be a simple item that "wraps" an action. When the item is encountered during playback, it is ran.

e.g., Suppose I create a script that opens up a pdf file based on the file name of the selected media item(to pop up lyrics, say), but I don't want to have run this every time a new item is playing back. I could simply insert an actionItem in a parallel track that will be ran when the media item is encountered.

This allows for DJ or VJ like effects too such as popping up a video for a specific song.

Alternatively, allow one to execute an action in the properties dialog of a media item when it is being played. (but then do we need a multitude of cases such as started playing, is playing, etc, I think allowing actions as items solves these problems though)

e.g., suppose I would like to use reaper to play a list of songs and show the lyrics for each song. I would then need to be able to automatically have reaper open the lyrics for the currently playing song, put it on the correct monitor, close the old lyrics when the song is done playing, etc.

Again, it could be lyrics, video, or whatever. I think reaper could have this functionality with minimal work and prevent having to jump through many hoops to achieve the results.
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