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Note-off velocity editing Issue Tools
issueid=213 06-20-2009 07:58 AM
Human being with feelings
Note-off velocity editing
Implement support for note-off velocity editing

Please implement support for handling note-off velocity events in the editors. Reaper does record and play back note-off velocities properly, and they are accessible via JS, but it would be very welcome to have support for editing them as well.

I do realize that most keyboards don't support it -- but it *is* quite an essential part of MIDI sequencing/recording/editing for those of us who *do* have them. And to those of you who don't: that still shouldn't stop you from using the scarce bandwidth of the MIDI protocol less redundantly and more creatively (hell, who needs a keyboard anyway... hint, hint :-D). And since it is part of the basic MIDI specification, I would plea for a reasonably high priority status.

On the other hand, I also realize this may require some thinking/discussion about design issues going beyond the mere technical implementation.

An initial, imho easy to implement suggestion: in the drop-down list of parameters in the piano roll editor, add "Velocity (off)" immediately after "Velocity", and if it wouldn't break anything, also rename "Velocity" to "Velocity (on)".

Another, perhaps more controversial suggestion: where one can now click-drag the note-on velocity inside a note event in the piano roll editor, this could (optional! just for those of us who need it) be divided into a left half and a right half, where the left half functions as it currently does, but where the right half is used to click-drag note-off velocity.

A third suggestion: (again, optional) add another column to the event list editor view for note events to show note-off velocity values and expose them to manual editing.

A fourth: (again, optional?) in the Note Properties edit view (ctrl+F2 / command+F2 default), a box should be added for note-off velocity.

I would be glad to hear anybody else's thoughts on this.


PS: Kudos for enhancing the bug/FR tracking system. Good move!

PS2: I don't like the fact that this Category is named "MIDI recording and playback" (quite illustrative of my post ;-P). Where's the *editing* section, please?

PS3: There should perhaps be some more tags for "Suggested Version", like "All", "Next" (more appropriate for FR's).

Discussion thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=63278
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Issue Type Closed Issue
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category MIDI recording and playback
Status Implemented
Priority 3
Affected Version 3.04
Closed Version 5.211
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07-06-2009 06:55 AM
That'll show 'em ;)

I already voted here. Maybe make a FR thread in the FR forum to flesh it out and promote is a better idea?
07-06-2009 07:07 AM
Human being with feelings
Originally Posted by gofer
That'll show 'em ;)

I already voted here. Maybe make a FR thread in the FR forum to flesh it out and promote is a better idea?
Thanks, gofer. :-)

Yeah, maybe it's a good idea to post in the forum as well. With this new issue tracking system I'm a bit confused lately as to where the action and the eyeballs are, and I typically don't like double-posting and such things. But whatever it takes to not get overlooked and lost in the pile... a simple "issue noted" response by the devs would already be very welcome.
07-06-2009 07:14 AM
Discussion and fleshing-out of features and bugs are supposed to be in the forum. It is not considered double posting to have a detailed thread there and a request in the tracker here. In fact it helps to keep this here pointy and short and just link to the detailed thread.
07-01-2016 08:09 AM
Human being with feelings

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