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issueid=5662 12-26-2015 10:52 AM
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New crossfade editor, please!
Dreaming of a classical-style crossfade editor in Reaper that would be similar to those in Pyramix, Sequoia, Sadie, etc.

I'm just following the discussion on these threads about how the one thing Reaper is missing for classical music engineers is an excellent crossfade editor similar to those in Pyramix, Sadie, Sequoia, etc. Some brilliant users have created terrific shortcuts to try to approximate an efficient Source/Destination setup with a powerful and precise crossfade editor.



Is there any chance of something similar in Reaper in a future version?

Ideally the editor should show the two waveforms coming together and allow the user to adjust them by dragging them left and right until the edit is seamless. There should also be the possibility of shortcuts within the editor.

Many thanks for considering it! This to my mind is the only thing Reaper seems to be missing for it to be considered an excellent tool for classical engineers.

Many thanks,

Lucas Harris
Toronto, Canada
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