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polarity issue with ReaInsert Issue Tools
issueid=5536 03-15-2015 05:37 PM
Human being with feelings
polarity issue with ReaInsert
signal polarity reversed by ReaInsert

I use ReaInsert to include outboard gear and then record the processed signal on a new track creating a send to it from the original track. I figured out the latency involved and set ReaInsert to compensate for it. The recorded track lines up perfectly with the original track but has a reversed polarity!

I double checked my cables. The issue occurs in Reaper 4.77 64/32 as well as in 5pre15x64.

Knowing about the issue, I can easily flip polarity in the send as a workaround.

With ReaInsert bypassed, polarity of the recorded track is correct.

Discussion thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=157316
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03-15-2015 09:00 PM
Human being with feelings
issue resolved!

This message popped up on my screen an instant ago:

FYI, I have an Antelope Orion32 USB interface :-)

ReaInsert works perfectly!

Sorry for wrongfully blaming Reaper :-)

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