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command: move cursor to previous position Issue Tools
issueid=5672 10-13-2016 06:54 AM
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command: move cursor to previous position
"move cursor previous position"


I am looking for the function of "go back to previous cursor position"

currently the situation is that whlie running play, I am forced to decide before having stopped whether to stop where the cursor is now or where it was before, I need to get free of this, whenever I stop at any other position, it would be so conveniant to have the option to set the cursor back to that former positioon where it had started before, do you understand?

I cannot find this item in the preferences list of creating keyboard shortcuts, who can help me to find a solutiion?

thanks a lot in advance
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Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Audio recording and playback
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Affected Version 5.25
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