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How to set up ACON digital restoration suite? Issue Tools
issueid=5410 11-02-2014 01:57 PM
Human being with feelings
How to set up ACON digital restoration suite?
ACON digital restoration suite not setting up as external editor

I'm trying to set ACON digital restoration suite up as my external editor and I know how to do that (Options/Preferences/External Editors...), but something is not going as it should. The problem may be with the fact that when I install it, I'm never asked for the license key so it's like it's never fully installing, and the only executable files from ACON are the setup/uninstall file and the 4 individual .dll files (declick, etc.) but those aren't functioning when I try to point reaper towards them (i.e. pointing towards uninstall only uninstalls ACON).

I'm using Windows 8.1

For this particular program, is there something else that has to be done first to get Reaper to open/install the suite properly before setting it up as an external editor? All of the videos and user manual instructions make this look like a piece of cake, but it has been anything but.

Much thanks!
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11-02-2014 02:55 PM
Human being with feelings
This is a misdirected post, you are asking help setting up a specific suite, not reporting a bug. As for the Restoration Suite, afaik it is a collection of plugins which will need a host to run them, not an independent editor you can set up as an external editor in Reaper as such.

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