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issueid=5633 07-24-2015 01:33 AM
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Plugins technical info
Implement a way to find out plugin's technical properties and display them to user

When trying out new plugins, I constantly find myself wondering about two things, regardless of how the plugin sounds:

1) Does this plugin oversample?
(or does it introduce aliasing into signal?)
2) At what bit depth does this plugin work internally?

I think these two things are too important to leave unknown. We all use plugins, basically they shape the sound of our work. So I figure many people would appreciate if some way got implemented to figure it out automatically, or if that's impossible then pull that data from a user-managed database.

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Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Plugins
Status Suggested
Priority 5 - Medium
Suggested Version 4.78
Implemented Version (none)
Users who would use this feature 2
Users who would not use this feature 5
Assigned Users (none)
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