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Using a track's meter for gain staging between FXs Issue Tools
issueid=5617 07-13-2015 03:38 PM
Using a track's meter for gain staging between FXs

Wouldn't it be cool if you could use a track's meter and fader to monitor and adjust the gain staging between FX slots. I know you can insert a volume plugin between each FX, but all those extra inserts take up slots and the windows pop up in all kind of weird places. Or use the plugins input/output meters, but they maybe non existent or insufficient.

The way I envision this would be something like this: You press a button on the track, this puts the track's meter in "Gain Staging" mode. A red line appears above the first FX slot indicating that the meter is now reading the volume at that stage. You can now use the fader to adjust the volume to say -18dbfs for that stage. You press the button again and the red line jumps in between FX slot 1 and 2. Repeat till end of chain. After the last FX the button automatically take you out of "Gain staging" mode and back to normal meter operation. What do you think?
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Issue Type Feature Request
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Priority 3
Suggested Version 4.78
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