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Copy/paste hotkeys don't work in ReaEQ input fields Issue Tools
issueid=5597 06-09-2015 09:12 AM
Human being with feelings
Copy/paste hotkeys don't work in ReaEQ input fields
Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V should copy/paste text values when input fields are focused

Trying to copy/paste values using keyboard doesn't work in ReaEQ (probably in all plugins for that matter but strictly speaking I haven't tested it).

To reproduce:
1. Create a track, open FX window, insert an instance of ReaEQ.
2. Select the default "100.0" text in the frequency input field.
3. Press Ctrl-C, then Ctrl-V. The usual expected behavior is that the selected text will be copied to the clipboard, then overwritten with the pasted value (identical in this case). Instead, there will appear another instance of ReaEQ.

You can still copy text values using context menu commands (mouse right-click).

To me this is yet another evidence that the whole window/focus/input/keyboard/actions system in Reaper needs heavy rethinking.
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Issue Type Open Bug
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Editing behavior
Status Confirmed
Priority 4
Affected Version 4.76
Fixed Version (none)
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06-17-2015 03:14 PM
Super Moderator (no feelings)
Works as expected on OSX, Win version paste spawns a new plug-in instance.

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