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issueid=5668 05-26-2016 01:16 PM
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Channel Metering
We need options...

So... this is my first post here. I've dabbled in Reaper while using Cubase and Pro Tools since way back when. I love so much about Reaper. There's so much it can do that just can't be done elsewhere — routing options, parameter modulation, subprojects... — it's using digital for what digital is good for, instead of mimicking yesteryear's paradigm, and I applaud it for that. Unfortunately, I think we could do a lot better on the channel level metering.

I'd like to right-click on a meter and be greeted with the option to do the following, and to decide whether it's applied globally or only to the selected tracks:

• This one's REALLY important. Allow the user to change the numeric scale next to the meter. Kinda like on the master channel, where you can display an offset. But let the user decide on any offset, not just limit it to a set menu. In other words, enable me to define 0VU as anything from -20dBFS to digital full scale (if I really want to!). And digital full scale is then displayed as +20 (or whatever) rather than 0. Really, I'd love if the scale could simply be dragged and slid into position, with the ±variance value displayed as it is being dragged. But the bottom line is that as long as I could match 0VU in Reaper to 0VU on whatever outboard I'm using, I'd be happy.

• Select meter 'tap point'. I want to be able to drag and drop to any point in the signal chain and have that point monitored by the channel meter. That would enable me to meter the input signal, pre-fader signal, in between FX signal or whatever. At the very least, I want a simple pre-FX/pre-fader/post-fader option —*but a more flexible system, as described above, would be better... and feels 'more Reaper' to me.

• Choose peak/RMS/both. Just like in the master channel. And preferably add LUFS Momentary Loudness and True Peak to that list too (tweaked for mixing, so with option for stereo/multichannel metering too —*but still with the ITU-compliant weighting and gating).

• Monitor gain variance between any two points in the signal chain. Again, drag and drop to define the two points would be helpful. But have pre-FX and pre-Fader as the two default starting points.

• Cubase-style facility to change meter colour at user-defined level. No limit in the number of different coloured sections.

I'm sure there's more. A horizontal phase-correlation meter on every channel could be good. A clip light adjacent to every plug-in, with a user-definable threshold. Etc. But this list would, I think, be a great start.

Anyone else feel the same? Or have better ideas? (Or did I miss a chapter of the user guide? ;) )

Finally, yes, you could use plug-ins for much of this stuff. But then you could only see a channel or two at once.
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