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issueid=5652 08-15-2015 10:05 PM
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New Render Queue concept

I already posted API FR (#6)

But in this context I need to point REAPER needs another behaviour of "add to render queue" action type. Why?

Let`s see how render queue works. Say, you have some sampler with hardweight library, Kontakt/AbbeyRoadDrums for example. You have a 16 midi tracks, which is sended to this sampler. Ok, you wanna render only bass drum midi. What you gonna do? You solo midi track with bassdrum, solo Kontakt track. Now, render preferences - > render master track -> Save and Close -> File: Add to render queue using last settings. What REAPER do? It save this selection not as a state of this project but as a new project based on current. So, when you`ll press "Render all" in Render Queue, REAPER will open every saved project, which can absolutetly freeze (and potentially crash) you system, because huge libraries will load with every temporatory project saved for render queue.

So I suggest:
1. Save to render queue project states, not a new projects based on current project. It could be based on different undo history branches, for example.
2. Option to add to render queue with preset n.

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