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Baby steps towards a track FX Wiring Rack Issue Tools
issueid=5636 07-26-2015 01:01 AM
Human being with feelings
Baby steps towards a track FX Wiring Rack
to make multichannel routing on the track MUCH easier

There may be, I think, related FRs, but this is a specific proposal and road-map

How about taking these steps in evolving an FX wiring rack?

(a) show the Pin In/Out connectors for all the FX (with the FX names) on a track; that'll make it easier to select the desired channels for each FX:

... Big pic: https://i.imgur.com/cz5gMba.png

I added a mixer FX to get all the channels back onto 1+2

(b) show only the connected channels, with 'straight' wires:

... Big pic: https://i.imgur.com/UiGpjDs.png

(c) change the rectangular wiring matrix into hanging wires, they are connected by dragging and dropping the input or output 'sockets' (I'm not sure of the best colour scheme for the wires):

... Big pic: https://i.imgur.com/naZTego.png

Discussion thread:
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Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Plugins
Status Suggested
Priority 3
Suggested Version 4.78
Implemented Version (none)
Users who would use this feature 13
Users who would not use this feature 2
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Tags FX, Multi-Out, Routing


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