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issueid=732 07-28-2009 09:02 AM
Human being with feelings
More Visual Feedback
In general: Much more visual feedback of settings

I personally feel that too much of REAPER's current status of things is buried in the background, potentially delaying decisions that could be made immediately due to lack of that status being optionally up front.

Rather than make 15 FR's I'll try to consolidate it into one FR. The first is a general project overview.

The key editor suffers much less with just a minor thing or two...

And general part status on the timeline that's consistent through all cirumstances and views...

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Issue Type Elevated FR
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category GUI and graphics
Status Popular Request
Priority 5 - Medium
Suggested Version 3.06
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07-28-2009 09:28 AM
Human being with feelings
For context... feedback status and updating in the same window. The info line is white here but it turns yellow when you select multiple items to let you know you're about to affect multiple items.

Same here with the arrange window. The selected part is so tiny I can barely see the waveform display and yet I still have full status on it and can change things on it like it's filename, description, part volume, lock/unlock etc.

Main point being that I can see the status of things like locking without even having room for an icon on the part or track. Maximizing workspace while also giving instant feedback on focus.

Not a Cubase thing. Just a "users need consistent visual feedback" thing no matter what the method.
07-28-2009 09:57 AM
Human being with feelings
Originally Posted by Lawrence
For context... feedback status and updating in the same window. The info line is white here but it turns yellow when you select multiple items to let you know you're about to affect multiple items.

This is perfect. Should be there in the arrange for items, envelopes and stuff and one should be there in the MIDI editor for notes and controller messages.

No need for tooltips anymore.
07-28-2009 10:03 AM
Human being with feelings
It works the same way for envelopes of any kind. It shows the status and position of the seleceted node for precise placement.

Or you can flatten an entire range by (for instance) drag selecting a range of nodes and typing in a value, they'll all take on that value. Again, the methods vary but being able to directly view the status of things at all times (optionally as this can be toggled/hidden) and edit those values in that same place really does help improve the editing workflow.

In all of the info lines you can choose what to show and in what order to show it so you really can have it your way, customize it to fit how you think.
07-28-2009 05:43 PM
Human being with feelings
Have a look at Tracktion: there is a 'properties panel' which has info about any selected object: inputs, tracks, items, plugs, envelopes. The props panel has editable info and also some menus and button pertaining to the selected object. Its always in the same place so you know where to look.
07-29-2009 03:22 AM
Human being with feelings

A non-modal item properties section and/or window will enable me to change things during designing sound effect sequences much quicker, than flying blind with key commands. Visual feedback always helps.
08-03-2009 02:55 AM
Human being with feelings
Lawrence, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head here. One of the things I find hard in Reaper (at the moment) is trying to get an 'overview' without having to go into pop-up dialogs etc. to find what I feel should be basic information, i.e., about MIDI channels, note properties.

Likewise, I also got snagged by the Audio Clip properties box (i.e., I couldn't playback while the box was still open, making adjustments quite difficult).

Just a little more information on the Track View about I/O, assignments, properties etc. would go a long way.

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