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Volume Envelope display scale for better use Issue Tools
issueid=1736 12-12-2009 06:29 PM
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Volume Envelope display scale for better use
Display of the volume envelope needs a better display scale for accessiblity

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The volume envelope is presented in such a way that it squeezes a small range of dB values unevenly in to the available vertical space of an envelope lane or track. Reaper has not provided much choice here and the default can be improved a great deal.

The volume envelope is presenting logarithmic scale values in a non-linear fashion. It doesn't need to entirely, but a little better than this would go a long way to solving the bad accuracy problems of editing volume automation by hand at values lower the -12 dB.

Let's take a closer look here and see what we've got.

50% of the track height is used for 0 to +6 dB of gain
Of the remaining 50%, 87% is used for -18 to 0 dB

More than a year ago I collected some data to see how Protools and Reaper compare in this regard, and here's what I found(pixel measurements are a slight bit inaccurate, judging by the wobble in the graphs :) ):


From my experience, the Protools scale of presenting a volume envelope is better for hands-on editing. The zero dB value on the volume envelope does NOT sit in the middle of the item, but then again it doesn't need to. Anyone uncomfortable with having the item gain showing up at the zero dB line can simply put it at the top of the item so it won't get in the way. Like I said, from my experience that linear scale of dB values is more efficient.

For simplicity's sake, I suggest dB value be limited to 0.1dB steps for non-finetune mode, and xx.x5 steps for finetune mode. It's a little easier to read and won't sacrifice too much detail. Maybe some folks will like 0.01dB steps for finetune mode.

In the end this is about choice and efficiency. And we do have that choice for volume faders already.

A second precise illustration of what the envelopes look like in Reaper and Protools. All envelope points are now illustrated with dB numbers.

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