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Resized looped items produce clicks Issue Tools
issueid=5664 02-03-2016 04:06 AM
Human being with feelings
Resized looped items produce clicks
this is a bug which could be solved with a simple feature fix

Lets say I have created a sample which has zero-crossings at either end (fade ins and fade outs). Now I drag this sample into a project with a different tempo than the sample, and I resize it (without pitch adjusting) to fit. Now when I drag this sample out (loop it), there are clicks. This issue has been around for a while

A simple solution to this would be to have an option where there are always zero crossings at the beginning and end of looped media items . The ms of fade in/fade out could be adjusted. The option could be disabled for certain media items (e.g. pad sounds)

This mostly affects reaper being able to be used for live performance with the playtime extension
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02-07-2016 09:20 AM
Human being with feelings
The issue tracker has been deprecated and is here for historical reference only. Please post in the Bug Reports and Feature Requests forums as appropriate.

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