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Some killer features I would like to see in Reaper Issue Tools
issueid=5613 07-10-2015 11:02 AM
Human being with feelings
Some killer features I would like to see in Reaper

That's my first post here. I'm really happy to work in Reaper, the DAW is outstanding and nearly perfect. But anyway let me give some personal requests which might help it to be even better than now and far advanced compared to others.
And hope not only me would find the requested features really useful and cool.

1. "Global project play" for the media browser . I would really like to have this feature in Reaper - the possibilty to play a project from within the media browser.
By far if you're in the browser in order to play a song first you have to click the main window which is not too comfy.

2. Pitch changing for the stuff in the browser. Being able to change pitch of samples and loops in the browser would be just amazing!
Just imagine you could pre-hear any stuff from the browser in the context of a song notwithstanding the original pitch of them. An exlusive and killer feature!

3. Automatic saving (backupping) in more than one place. Another great feature to have in Reaper is the possibility to automatically save projects with all medias in at least 2 different locations. It's so easy to add this point in Preferences so I could tick something like "Second location" and show the path and be sure that I have a backup with everything for instance on an external drive.

4. "Channel layers". One more great thing would be what I call "channel layers" - when you could create for a track 2 or more different channel alternatives with different chains, plugins etc. and then pick the best. The point is that while one of the layers is active the others are offline without CPU usage.

5. "Copying items as shared". For example I'm working with drums or let's say with a kick and if I make any changes to one of them (or the first of them) or replace it with another one the same happens to all of them.

6. Drag-n-dropping of audio from the media browser to any place. Not only to a new track below or to an existing track but BETWEEN any of existing tracks as well.

And plus to this there are some menu actions which are absent in the action list. It would be nice to have them there as well just to be able to apply a shortcut.
For example, there's a feature I use quite a lot in the browser "insert as take in selected items" and every time I need it I have to open the menu and activate this with a mouse (which is less convenient) because by far it's impossible to make the shortcut.
So why not to have all these menu actions in the action list?

In addition to this when a track is selected it would be good to have all the contents highlighted.

And one more little thing - "Close the action list" in the list or just the ability to close it with ESC.

Thank you very much!
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07-11-2015 03:31 AM
Human being with feelings
1. Why not !
2. is already possible in v5 pre. :)
3. maybe use a third party software for this. You may use onedrive for exemple to synch your folders online.
4. meanwhile you can have duplicated tracks, an one in "mute".
5. It is called Propagation in REAPER 5, and MIDI POOL for midi items in v4 v5
6. Yu can import to a track itself

So why not to have all these menu actions in the action list?
It is because the media explorer is a bit like an extensions. There is some limitations then.

CLose the action list is already possible with ESC. :P
07-11-2015 03:35 AM
Human being with feelings
Post in forums first, please.
07-11-2015 03:55 AM
It's all well meant, but doesn't make sense to do multiple requests under a single issue ID here in the issue database. You will need to split this up.

And yes, please create a thread about your requests, so things can be discussed/refined.

I can't resist to reply to this one here, although it's against the "no discussion here" rule (I promise to move it into the discussion thread when it exists):
Originally Posted by X-Raym
It is because the media explorer is a bit like an extensions. There is some limitations then.
The MIDI editor is an extension, too. That's no excuse for an incomplete action list. (I am periodically moaning about the inline MIDI editor section to miss lots of actions).
07-12-2015 11:01 AM
Human being with feelings
Originally Posted by EvilDragon
Post in forums first, please.
I'm sorry. What does it mean? I posted it not in forums?
Where should I post the stuff?
I'm a newbie here so maybe I don't know all the rules and procedures.
07-12-2015 11:33 AM
Human being with feelings
Information from the header when you open the tracker "subforum":

"If you need REAPER help, have a performance problem, or are not 100% certain that the unexpected behavior is a bug, please discuss it in the user forum, not here.

Bugs should be specific and reproducible. Feature requests should be clearly described. Self-contained, clearly explained issues are more likely to be addressed quickly.

Very popular feature requests will be automatically marked as elevated. Feature requests that only gather a few votes will be automatically closed after a few months.

The issue tracker will be actively moderated to try to maintain a high signal to noise ratio. If you want to be counted in support of (or against) a bug report or feature request, please use the yes/no buttons. Only add a comment if you have additional information. Content-free posts will be deleted. Thanks!"

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