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issueid=174 06-18-2009 03:31 PM
Human being with feelings
Reaper preset and VST preset handling
Names not displayed after saving and getting various results after saving for different VSTis

A few problems I have run into:

a) When I save a Reaper FX preset the new name is not shown in the preset window
- click [...], select "Save FX preset" and give it a new name,
- click OK
=> the old name remains on display

b) Renaming the VST patch did not work
- click [+]
- select "Rename current patch"
- edit the name, click [OK]
=> the old name remains
This is a bug for AlphaCM but was Ok for Karnage and Dominator.

c) Reaper Preset names are not remembered
- select a Reaper preset
- close and re-open the project
- (sometimes this could be reproduced just by closing and re-opening the FX Chain window)
=> the preset name field is blank

d) VST preset name not refreshed
- using AlphaCM
- I changed the VST preset using cmAlpha's own preset management functions, selecting a preset from another folder.
- the VST preset name in the FX chain drop-down list was not refreshed (I had picked the 3rd preset from another folder, but the name displayed was for the 3rd preset in the original folder).
- closing and re-opening the FX Chain window forced a refresh and the correct name was displayed.

e) Here's some problems with Reaper presets and VST presets in cm101
e1) the VST preset bank is not kept
- I can load an fxb of (32) VST presets into CM101,
- If I save, close and re-open the project only the current GUI settings are present.
- the settings for the other 31 VST presets are not.
- none of the 32 VST preset names are displayed; this screenshot show 3 names that I edited - the second part is the list after re-opening the project.
Bigger pic;

e2) the Reaper Preset does not save the VST bank
- I load the fxb file (of 32 preset) - each one sounds correctly.
- I Save this as a Reaper Preset.
- On saving, closing and re-opening the project, only a single VST preset sounds correctly (the current one when I Saved the Reaper preset),
- the other 31 all use the default sound (same problem as above?),
- none of the 32 VST preset names were displayed (same problem as above?).

In other hosts, the cm101 presets are stored in the project and reloaded fine.

With other VSTis, e.g. AlphaCM, Dominator, Karnage and LOVEkILLER:
- the VST preset names and settings are retained,
- the Reaper Preset saves the complete bank of VST presets (and indeed, multiple banks of VST presets)

[Original report: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=27740 ]
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Issue Type Open Bug
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Plugins
Status Confirmed
Priority 6
Affected Version 2.58
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Tags Reaper preset, VST preset

07-19-2009 05:34 PM
Human being with feelings
at least problem (e) is this, i think:

when saving/loading projects, or setting a VST online/offline, Reaper is calling the "preset" version of getChunk/setChunk. instead it should use the "bank" version, like it does when saving/loading an fxb.

edit: never mind... i forgot that Reaper has an option for this ("Save as bank"). and setting it doesn't fix CM101.
07-20-2009 08:15 AM
a, c, and possibly e are Reaper bugs.
b, d, and possibly e are plugin bugs.

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