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Track Name Hint popups in Mixer Obscured when MCP "pinned" to desktop Issue Tools
issueid=5553 03-31-2015 05:02 PM
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Track Name Hint popups in Mixer Obscured when MCP "pinned" to desktop
Track Name Hint popups in Mixer Obscured when MCP "pinned" to desktop

Using Win7 SP1, Intel QUAD Core extreme, 16GB RAM, Reaper 4.77 with White Tie's Imperial Theme.

[i did a quick search and could not find this issue mentioned elsewhere]


I have the Mixer Control Panel ("MCP") floating and "pinned" to the desktop (using the Imperial Theme).
Some of the track names are truncated (I'm using the "skinny" channels in the Imperial MCP).
When the mouse cursor is hovered over these truncated track names ("pinned" MCP) the hint window (which displays the FULL track name) is obscured by the MCP window.

If I "unpin" the MCP, the hint window displays over the top of the MCP, as is the usual practice (and expectation).


I'm not sure if this is a Win7 GUI engine "feature" or a feature of the GUI API being used by the Reaper Coding Team. I can only speculate ... I don't have this problem using VS2013 and the WinAPI in my own programs.

This may even be something to do with the Imperial Theme implementation, but, again, I don't know anything about the internals of the Walter rendering engine, so ... more speculation.


Hoping that this one can be resolved, as some of my track names can be lengthy.

I use "dot" notation - e.g. "word1.word2.word3" - to convey information to the human reader and to my LUA etc scripts. The scripts can "parse" the track name and I am able to vector off to perform different actions depending on the content of the track name.

The current obscuring of the hint windows does interrupt my work flow as I have to stop and bring up the Track Manager window to see the full track name or unpin the MCP (about the same number of mouse movements and/or key strokes).

Not a game stopper, but annoying nonetheless.


For the moment, I temporarily "unpin" the MCP, "hover" the mouse cursor over the truncated track name, read the track name, then re-pin the MCP to the desktop - this is extra mouse movement and clicking. This is marginally faster than bringing up the Track Manager Window.

The solution of leaving the MCP unpinned from the desktop is not really a solution, as I have to pin all Reaper windows so that I can bring them to the "front" of the GUI stack with mouse clicks. If you only pin only some of the Reaper windows to the desktop, then the unpinned windows cannot be brought to the top of the GUI stack by mouse clicking the window frame/content - they remain obscured by any "pinned" windows/panels.


I've selected "1 - Highest" Priority because this is important to me. No doubt, a more responsible adult (moderator) will allocate the appropriate Priority.
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