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Duplicating tracks should preserve pooled MIDI relationships Issue Tools
issueid=5218 06-01-2014 11:39 PM
Human being with feelings
Duplicating tracks should preserve pooled MIDI relationships
Duplicating a track, or copy/pasting several items at once, should create copies which are pooled in the same ways the originals were

Currently when you duplicate a track that contains a number of MIDI items which are pooled and therefore share the same contents, the result is a track containing unlinked copies of the same items. This seems illogical, since it means the new track is not really a duplicate of the original: it isn't set up in the same way. Moreover, anyone who wants a duplicate without any pooling could very quickly unpool the items if they wanted, but someone who wants to duplicate a track with the pooling relationships intact has to delete and recreate the pooled MIDI items, which is tiresome.

Duplicating a track should really duplicate the pooling connection between the items on that track, giving you a new pool which is set up like the first.

I also think copying multiple items should behave like this (*not* literally pooling the new versions with the originals, but recreating the pooling relationships of the originals in the new items), but I can see how in this case it would depend a lot on the preference of the user.
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06-02-2014 11:35 PM
Human being with feelings
Here it does. With it enabled duplicated tracks have the MIDI items pooled with the source track (REAPER 4.62 64 bit).

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