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preserve relative track heights on vertical zoom Issue Tools
issueid=5010 12-06-2013 12:55 PM
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preserve relative track heights on vertical zoom
vertical zooming at all isntantly sets all track heights equal; instead, preserve the relative sizes

If I stretch an individual track vertically and subsequently use the "View: Zoom vertically" action with my mouse trackwheel, Reaper resets all the heights of all the tracks to be identical. This is frustrating, as I often set up the various heights in a certain way. Using saved layouts or screensets or whatever would apply isn't a solution because the various heights aren't something I want to return to in the future, just something that is set up temporarily for editing: I want to retain the proportional relationship of the track sizes while I move around the project, and the desired relationship changes a lot.

One use case is when I have a few folder tracks that contain grouped items that I want to compare with each other while still being able to see waveform detail: I enlarge one track from each folder group, and the other stay small, so I can see both on the screen at once. But as soon as I zoom in or out overall, this relationship is discarded and I have to recreate it over and over.

Cubase/Nuendo had (and I assume still has?) a system where the tracks are all scaled proportionally. At the limits of scaling (e.g. tracks fully shrunk), the tracks that can't scale anymore just stop scaling. Last I knew, Cubase/Nuendo discarded the proportion at that point, but Reaper could go one better and keep it in the metadata.

Discussion at: http://forums.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=132039
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