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smpbabyblue 09-01-2018 12:02 PM

Fading Midi Track
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I want to fade some of my Midi tracks, but using the corners of the track to adjust the fade does not work. Is there another way to fade or make the velocity gradually fade out?

smpbabyblue 09-03-2018 08:47 PM

Really no one knows how to complete this task
I cannot fade anything from my Midi. Some of the instruments velocity can be manipulate up and down, others can't but most of all I cannot fade anything with the fader tool if it was created in Midi.

Please help.

vanhaze 09-04-2018 04:22 AM

If the presets from the instrument plugins you use are not note velocity sensitive for volume, then the fades you create on their midi items will indeed have no effect.

You have to change parameters in the instrument plugins, so the presets note velocity will be linked to volume and thus, the presets volume will react on note velocity changes, created by the fades in their midi item.

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